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Born Dereshean Jarret, OTR is a Toronto-based audio engineer, DJ, and producer. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him high recognition over the course of his career, and built up his resume to include working with Jhené Aiko, DVSN, COLORS Studios, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Reebok Canada, and many more.

Whenever asked about his journey, he is quick to credit his heritage and childhood exposure to Jamaican culture as the introduction and initiation to his first love, DJ’ing. His experiences growing up among solo music artists then introduced him to the intricate world of music production. Inspired by what he witnessed, he dove into formal education and mentorship. Learning the ropes and polishing his skillset, he would eventually graduate from both Trebas Institute, and The Remix Project.  Now years later, he continues to collaborate with his clients executing their visions, and elevating their music to the highest level.

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